Thermal Adventures for Extreme Adventurers: Active Volcanoes and Boiling Springs


For those looking for adrenaline and unique adventures, New Zealand offers exciting thermal adventures that are sure to leave a vivid impression and allow you to experience the power and beauty of nature. These active volcanoes and boiling springs are true natural wonders that await those who are ready to let loose.

Tangaroa: The Magic of Active Volcanoes

New Zealand has over 50 volcanoes, and many of them are active. This provides a unique opportunity for extreme sports enthusiasts to explore the magical world of burning craters and lava flows. According to Maori mythology, the god of war and the seas, Tangaroa, dwells in the depths of volcanoes and lends his mighty power to those willing to conquer its beauty and danger.

The warm caress of boiling springs

World famous geysers and boiling springs are another unique feature of New Zealand. Watching huge columns of steam soar to the sky and water boiling and bubbling evokes inexpressible feelings of respect for the might of nature. Boiling springs are not only an impressive sight, but also a great opportunity to feel the warmth and affection of these unique natural phenomena.

Volcanic tracks and lava caves

For the true extreme and adventure lovers, New Zealand offers many volcanic tracks and lava caves to explore. One such place is Tongariro, an active stratovolcano with a Red Crater at its summit that is impressive in its beauty and power. A trek to Tongariro is a real adventure for mountaineering and trekking enthusiasts.

Extreme and safe

Thermal adventures can be quite dangerous and it is important to follow safety rules and advice from experienced guides. Some places may not be accessible to regular tourists due to their activity or danger, so it is always worth referring to local recommendations and cautions.

New Zealand: Land of Adventure

Thermal adventures for extreme adventurers are a unique opportunity to experience the power and beauty of New Zealand’s nature. Dive into the world of active volcanoes, explore boiling springs and go on volcanic treks to experience the true spirit of adventure and experience the power of nature. Keep safety in mind and respect the environment to make your trip unforgettable and leave vivid memories to last a lifetime.