Natural Spa Resorts: Relaxation at Hanmer Springs Thermal Springs


New Zealand is known for its breathtaking natural beauty, and thermal springs are one of the most unique and appealing aspects of this amazing country. One of the most popular places to relax and rejuvenate is the picturesque town of Hanmer Springs, located on the South Island. Here you’ll find not only scalding geysers and boiling mud pots, but also luxurious natural spas that will give you an unforgettable experience.

Select Brimar Lodge & Spa: Escape to an Oasis of Relaxation

Select Breamar Lodge & Spa is the perfect destination for those seeking privacy and tranquility. Set amidst beautiful gardens and green hills, this spa resort offers you the chance to take a dip in the hot thermal pools and enjoy unique mineral water treatments. Massages, wraps and aromatherapy will help you to completely relax and forget about everyday worries.

Glenalvon Lodge Motel & Bed & Breakfast: Harmony with Nature

Located just a short walk from the city center, Glenalvon Lodge Motel & Bed & Breakfast offers a unique opportunity to experience the thermal springs that flow directly from the ground in this cozy motel. You can relax in the spacious hot tubs with delightful views of the surrounding nature and enjoy a peaceful and tranquil environment.

Relaxation and Adventure

Hanmer Springs provides not only relaxation opportunities, but also unique adventures in the surrounding nature. After energizing yourself in the thermal springs, head to the nature trails for walking or biking, enjoy rafting on the rushing rivers, or refresh yourself with horseback riding. Hanmer Springs provides genuine enjoyment of the surrounding beauty and the opportunity to connect to nature.

Explore the Thermal Wonders of Hanmer Springs

Hanmer Springs is the perfect destination for those looking to rejuvenate while enjoying the natural thermal springs and surrounding nature. Whether it’s luxury spa resorts or secluded thermal pools, Hanmer Springs will provide you with a unique experience of relaxation and adventure that will be remembered for years to come. Take the opportunity to immerse yourself in natural thermal oases and reboot your spirit in this amazing resort town.